Donkey ‘Break Out’ Assisted by ‘Mystery Man’ in high viz!


Mystery Man assists in Donkey’s ‘jail break’

A mystery man has been caught on CCTV camera assisting Donkey with his ‘jail break’ I can sensationally reveal.  In an unprecedented move, Jot-it-me-down News has decided to do a further Donkey Diary update because this news is so hot you could burn your fingers on it (and I already have).

The mystery man wore jeans, high viz top and a wide rimmed brown hat – a bit like a cowboy hat but only this man never had a horse, only a large pair of bolt cutters – his face remained unseen so nobody is any the wiser as to who he is but we can reveal that he has big strong hands and muscles to be able to cut through that fence and may have a following of ladies interested in him –  (Sue L will start a fan club)

Donkey can be seen gazing through the fence although nobody knows what he is looking at in the photograph, some say it could be the ‘taste of freedom’.

Other photographs of Donkey after his escape include him eating a bone whilst being totally oblivious to those around him.


Donkey eating his bone in a secret location

Sue Hedley at SAFE was asked about the mystery man with the strong hands and big muscles but remained tight lipped about the whole situation.  Sue L however, could have been involved but only Donkey and the ‘mystery man’ would know and they are not telling.

Australian Air Express are on standby to smuggle Donkey out of Karratha tomorrow morning to his new home in Perth, it is hoped that the press won’t turn up because if they do, blankets will be required to cover the heads of the SWAT team and a large pillow case to put Donkey in and everyone will have to shout ‘go go go!’ like they do on ‘The Bill’ (UK TV)

Australian Air Express were asked for their opinions on this high profile little dog with big attitude, they were quoted as saying ‘All we know is that Donkey is famous and is trying hard to break out of Karratha, that is all we are saying’.

They also denied all knowledge as to whether or not Donkey would be flying his own plane ‘Air Donkey’ or in fact flying in a Qantas jet.


Air Donkey Vs Qantas!

More news as it happens.

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013

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