Homosexuality, Homophobia and Just Who made the Rules?



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a person who hates or fears homosexual people.

I am sure we have all heard the rather old and embarrassing ‘anti gay’ saying ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’ – I know I have heard it, even giggled about it in the past, after all as a married woman I could laugh at sayings like this because they never affected me and it was only as I got older (and grew up) that I realized that judging people purely for their sexual preference is insular and narrow minded and far from harmless and sayings such as the above only reinforce that each time it is said or taught.

Because when you scratch below the surface of this saying and many others like it, it really does smack of some rather terrifying homophobia which makes one beg the question of anyone that has (equality) issues with homosexuality, then what other phobic ideas do they have and just who made the rules to decide what is normal and what isn’t in terms of same sex relationships?

Now my favourite saying is ‘each to their own and as long as it is not pushed on me’ – talking within the boundaries of not hurting others you understand.  We are all born differently let’s face it, we are all of colour – just a different colour, we are all in the race so to speak, we just run it differently as individuals and finally, we cannot help who we fall in love with nor can we help our genetic make up – I fell in love with my husband – that is and was just the way I am made and it is my business, just like it is for anyone to fall in love with someone of the same sex.

So why does homosexuality and gay marriage bother people so much I wonder?  I actually find it quite abhorrent that gay rights and marriages are even being debated in this modern day society.  Are the homophobes scared that their genitals will be invaded in the night by some hot slinky young gay guy/girl?

Well I hate to break it to the ‘phobes’ – gay people have standards and exceptionally high ones and despite the fears and beliefs of the ignorant, they just might not find you attractive, on the contrary the guys that I used to know in London had impeccable dress sense, took pride in their appearance and would rather eat their own leg than chase some homophobic idiot who’s main worry in life is to whether he would be ‘turned and corrupted’ (think about that that old saying – ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’).

Do the homophobes worry if the opposite sex will jump on their bones and ravage them?  No, I don’t suppose they do but suddenly every gay person wants to convert them and do unspeakable acts to them to well, turn them gay.  Yes I know, you can stop laughing now – it sounds quite ridiculous doesn’t it?

So just who has the right to decide YOUR (sexuality) rights?

I know in many countries, being gay can come with a high penalty.  Being ostracized from your family, community, religious rules and laws can mean if you are discovered to be gay, you could even be killed – almost as though if it is kept hidden, or if people are threatened into so called ‘normality’ then there will be no more gay people.  I know it’s laughable.

Have you noticed that it is people that are normally so far removed from religion, suddenly start spouting from the bible (or any other religious book) about how homosexuality is wrong?  And even if it is in the bible, who said it is law?

We are very selective at what we want to believe and quoting the bible is one thing, but we conveniently forget other parts of it that may not suit us which kind of makes us hypocrites.

Most religions claim to treat people as equals, most religions claim tolerance – unless you are gay and then it suddenly becomes apparent that no, you are not equal, no you may not choose who you want to marry and no, you cannot possibly be a good person if you happen to love someone of the same sex.

That  makes me really angry, because who is anyone to judge?  How can someone that has killed a child be forgiven by going to confession, yet if they are gay – well that is the crime of the century?  It just doesn’t make sense.

Because there are many crimes that a human being can commit in life – but being gay is certainly not one of them and it is about time that society accepted that.

Samantha Rose © Copyright 2013