Free the Karratha One – a letter from Donkey to Rocky

Rocky received a letter from Donkey in Karratha Prison (aka boarding kennels) this morning, I don’t know how he smuggled it out but he did so as quite a bit of interest is being generated in Donkey’s case and my blog from Canada, USA, Sweden, the UK and Australia, I thought it only fair that I relayed it to you all so that you know what is going on.

It appears that Donkey has caused a rumpus in prison and just when you thought his behavior couldn’t get any worse – as in food theft, ‘tasting’ of garden furniture and digging of plants, it appears that Donkey organized a Toga party in his cell and other inmates were invited.

Basically it all kicked off and involved barking, dog porn, sheets made in to toga’s, Guinness, flashing of genitals and a Cliff Richard CD to aid with constipation – if you have never hear of the Cliff Richard method to relieve constipation then may I suggest you play ‘The Millennium Prayer’ several times over and twitch at appropriate moments followed by playing ‘Wired for Sound’ afterwards and I guarantee you will crap like a man afterwards and if you are a man, then you will just lose your bowels completely.

Anyway, here is the photo that Donkey sent to Rocky and the letter – I do NOT own copyright to this photo, it was sort of ‘borrowed’ and that is all I am saying.

Karratha One

Donkey – second from the right, causing a rumpus

Dear Rocky

How are ya doin’ buddy?

As you know I was ‘sent down’ and I am ‘doing time’ in prison for food theft and ‘tasting of garden furniture’.

A bit upset I was sent to prison for it, I mean I was hungry and Pad Thai noodles are a delicacy for a desert dog like myself, we mining dogs have to be prepared to eat anything.  But anyway, I am locked up until Saturday when I will fly down to Perth and I was wondering if you had any plans for the Sunday after I arrive, I think I may have jet lag – someone said it is the same timezone but I say that is a load of old crap.

We could catch some waves and some hot bitches, I still have some testosterone left so I am sure I could get my leg over, although I do have short legs but hey, I can stand on a stool if I have to.

Do you have skimpies bars in Perth? I have frequented them all in Dampier, there is a special place called ‘Dampier Dogs Do Bones’ and I have been there a few times but some of them are mongrels but not too bad to look at.  So we can always case out the skimpies bars in Perth if you like.

They say I am going to have a bath before I make the flight, I don’t wanna smell like no poofy dog but I guess its gotta be done.

It’s scary in here, there are no food cupboards for me to break in to and no plants for me to dig up, what’s it like at your place? I hear you have a cat – what’s he like? Is he a bastard?

Better go now mate, I’ll catch ya on Saturday.


Donkey Donations

SAFE Karratha have done a fabulous with the homing process for Donkey, their efficiency in processing the adoption and sending out the paperwork has been excellent, not to mention the support that they offer with the rehoming process.

Donkey’s stories are going to continue as Donkey becomes a part of our household, thus making up the ’3rd family member’ with Rocky and Gordon.

If you enjoy these stories and would like to donate to SAFE Karratha, their bank details are as follows:

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Remember every little donation helps and if I believe that my animal stories can raise money for SAFE Karratha, then I will make them a regular feature.  Interest is already being generated in other countries – Cyprus, USA, UK so I shall make it my mission to keep writing the stories to help their cause.

All I ask, is that if you do donate, if you could reference it as ‘Donkey Dundee’ so that SAFE know who it is in relation to.

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013