Donkey causing a storm in Karratha!

Despite being in prison, (aka – kennels) Desert Dog – Donkey Dundee is still managing to cause a rumpus in Karratha and is expected to compete with Tropical Cyclone Narelle for attention in the next couple of days I can exclusively reveal.

TC Narelle is currently a Category 1 and was located at 2pm WST 790km north, northwest of Broome and is moving west at 16km per hour.

For those that are interested in tracking Narelle and may I suggest those following the Donkey Diaries follow TC Narelle religiously and even do a rain dance to the gods of garlic so that Donkey can make the flight safely to Perth, here is the tracker for TC Narelle:

If the cyclone hits Karratha there is a real chance that Donkey may not make his flight to Perth this Saturday.  This has caused so much distress with the dogs from South Beach (Freo) that are waiting to meet him that there has been threat of a canine uprising.

Now don’t laugh at this because the last uprising involved Rocky herding up several dogs into the ocean, whipping them up into a barking frenzy, one of those dogs included a senior deaf kelpie bitch who was sighted sticking two paws up to her owners when they tried to retrieve her and it was some time before I could go back to that beach as Rocky had taught them some dreadful habits.

When Donkey was asked about his thoughts on TC Narelle, he replied casually ‘Cyclone Narelle? I can fart with more power than she can blow’

Whilst we can all only pray that TC Narelle doesn’t hit Karratha or if it does, not too hard, you can bet your bottom dollar that in a kennel somewhere in Karratha, there is a medium sized dog/alpaca curled up in his kennel praying even harder so that he can begin his new life in Perth and make that home, his last one.


Donkey praying for TC Narelle to bugger off and not ruin his plans

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013

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