Donkey Escapes from Karratha!


Desert dog – Donkey Dundee has escaped Karratha despite the best efforts of TC Narelle to stop him, I can exclusively reveal today.

It was tense, it was fraught with danger, lots of people were involved, a scarf was tied around his neck in case he became lost in the desert, people cried, people laughed and people cheered – although who laughed and cheered I do not know.

It is thought that Kelly Wheeler from Australian Air Express was heavily involved in getting Donkey out of Karratha and this cannot be denied as she is in the photograph.

The Departure

Donkey in Car

Donkey settles in car

Donkey technically didn’t have a proper red carpet but the red towel sufficed nicely and Donkey didn’t seem too worried at all about it being a towel.

Airport Drive

Donkey – where is your seat belt?

When Donkey was questioned about his position on the situation, he replied ‘What can I say, I like sitting on the front seat, I am that kinda guy!

Bye bye!

And he’s off!

On arrival at Karratha Airport, Donkey met Kelly Wheeler from Australian Air Express, now please do not be fooled at her innocent face because she was heavily involved in the smuggling of Donkey Dundee to get him to Perth and out of TC Narelle’s clutches.

Kelly did a sterling job in keeping this top secret and even wanted to put a balaclava on Donkey’s face to keep him in disguise but Donkey refused and a compromise was made when Donkey agreed to wear party hats on his ears in celebration of his new life.

Party hat and carpet

It’s party time!


Donkey joins in the celebrations


Sue and Lelly (Australian Air Express) do the final checks


Sue sends Donkey on his way via the ‘red carpet’

It was an emotional Donkey that took off from Karratha that day, the only identity that he had to his name was in fact his name ‘Donkey’, a plain black collar with a small SAFE tag with his animal number on it and a blue SAFE scarf tied around his neck.

What is the big deal with that? I hear you ask, well every dog should firstly have his name, his owner, his toys, a collar that tells his story and a disk that tells everyone including the ranger, just who he is.

Rescue dogs tend to lose their identity, they have the collar from their old owners, the tag from the rescue but often they don’t have their toys and some of them don’t even know their own name.  You see part of being a dog is having your dignity and dignity comes in the form of the above and Donkey took flight that day only knowing his name and having the love that the SAFE girls had shown him but other than that, he just had the collar and scarf he stood up in.

Welcome to Perth Donkey!

Donkey was collected at the Australian Air Express depot and was seen sitting with his front paws crossed and a bottle of water between them (yes really!) and he looked as cool as a cucumber and wagged his tail when I shouted his name.

Now for those of you that don’t ‘speak dog’ – please look away now because you totally won’t ‘get it’.

Donkey had that look about him of people that arrive at airports that are awaiting their friends/family to meet them and they are late.  You see the panic in their faces, will they turn up? What do I do if they don’t? – you know the kind of thing.

I swear Donkey was saying ‘Shit, they are not coming, the bastards, I don’t care, why would I? Who cares, I am Donkey, I can do anything! Bastards, they are not coming, what am I going to do?’

It was like the little dog kept looking at my friend Tori and I through the holding pen, hoping it was us, not sure if it was us and clutching what little identity he did have – his name.  Because each time we called him, he would look up and say ‘Donkey, that’s me, I am here, can you see me!’

We were led into the holding pen to remove Donkey from his cage – the arrival and first intro can be seen by clicking on this link: Donkey’s Arrival


Samantha meet Donkey, Donkey meet Samantha!


Donkey recalls his experience with TC Narelle

Donkey arrives ‘home’

Donkey arrived home and was immediately introduced to existing kelpie dog – Rocky, on neutral territory where they were both take for a walk.  Rocky was somewhat dismayed to discover that Donkey is rather generously ‘blessed’ in the genital department whilst he in fact, resembles a lady-boy.

I would like to say that Donkey liked Gordon but he didn’t, in fact he rather wanted to eat him with some sauce and it didn’t help that Gordon isn’t scared of him but suffice to say that Donkey has to be kept away from Gordon and can only admire him from the safe confines of the baby gate and no, I am afraid I will not be using Caesar Millans technique of putting Gordon in a small cage because Gordon won’t feel safe in a cage, he hates all cages and at 12 years old, I am not about to start stressing him out.

The simple answer is that they will NEVER allowed to be together and can only admire one another from afar.  Gordon was sighted yesterday sitting by the baby gate telling Donkey to ‘piss off’ but trust me, Donkey’s prey drive is as such, Gordon would not stand a chance and I personally do not think it is worth the risk anyway.


Please Sir can I have some more?

A New Identity

It was done in exaggerated fashion and really should have had an audience.  Donkey tore off his SAFE scarf and buried it in the mud and said ‘I ain’t no rescue dog any more!’ He then came up to demand a change of ‘clothes’ as in a new collar in a bid to leave his old life behind.

A green camouflage collar was put on him with his new disk with his name/details on it, Donkey gave a nod of approval and then went and took a shit on the lawn to mark his territory, a shit I might add which was almost as big as he is.

Donkey was asked how he felt about life in Perth, his response was ‘How long am I at this home for?’ and then glanced down at his ID tag looking somewhat thoughtful.

I would like to thank SAFE Karratha for all their help and support, everyone involved in Donkey’s foster care – especially Sue for ‘jail breaking’ him out of kennels and also Lelly at Australian Air Express for all her help.

And now the challenge of settling Donkey in to his new home, ironing out his bad habits and installing new good ones begins – wish us luck.

So that is the latest update – Donkey Diaries will continue from Perth and take the following angles:

1. Donkey Diaries – Mock newspaper updates

2. Donkey Diaries – from Donkey’s point of view

3. Donkey Diaries – taking on a rescue dog from MY perspective.

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013

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