Jail Break Dog!


Donkey – picture taken prior to jail break

It has been reported that Donkey Dundee has broken out of jail early yesterday morning with the help of someone called ‘Sue’ – now there are in fact two people called Sue but as both of them are said to have innocent faces, it is not sure which one did it.

Bolt cutters, James Bond type helicopter, balaclava masks, water pistols and Cliff Richard CD’s were used in the breakout which also involved Donkey being smuggled out in a pillow case whilst slung over someones shoulder whilst they shouted ‘Go go go!’ like they do in films.

Donkey Dundee who is due to fly out of Karratha on Saturday 12th January, has not been seen since since the breakout and is thought to be in hiding.  Some people have claimed to have seen him wearing a pink wig, blue dress with a padded bra, high shoes and pink lipstick and calling himself Shirley whilst others say that he is in the guise of a German Shepherd dog with short legs and large genitals.

Either way, he is out of prison and whilst he should be congratulated on ‘beating the system’ so to speak, whether or not he can beat TC Narelle is another matter entirely.

A SWAT team consisting of Tori, Clara, Deidre and myself will be arriving at Perth Domestic Airport tomorrow morning, we shall be dressed in disguise so nobody including ourselves will recognize us, where the official ‘hand over’ from Australian Air Express will take place.

Will it be televised? Who knows, not me that’s for sure but once Donkey lands on Perth soil, he has stated via a secret source that his desert days will be over and he plans to become a beach bum.

This is Samantha Rose reporting for the Donkey Diaries – updates as they happen but please, keep your fingers and legs crossed that TC Narelle does not throw a spanner into the works.

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013

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