A Cup of Tea Love?

My favourite tea mug 
There is something quite remarkable about a nice hot cup of tea served in the ‘right’ mug. Perhaps you don’t understand it yourself – you may not even drink it, prefer coffee or perhaps it is just an English thing but I reckon a cup of tea solves everything – at least it does on Coronation Street and Eastenders.
World War 3 – not a problem, let’s get the kettle on.Someone dies? – that’s OK too, at funerals, there is always someone that can be relied upon to get out their finest bone China cups and make a cuppa, it will probably be posh and brewed in a tea pot with tea leaves and served with a lump of sugar or two – but that’s OK, tea is tea and does taste rather exquisite when sipped from a bone china mug.

Builders and tradesmen enjoy their ‘brew’ at tea break, their cups might not be the cleanest but I will have you know that a mug of hot tea washes down a good cooked breakfast rather well.There are occasions however, that a mug of tea does not suffice and that is on girly nights in when you are in for a feast of girlie chat, or boyfriend split ups and then it’s time to hit the bottle and mix it with chocolate.

Have you noticed that we all have our favourite mug – mine is the one that my friend Mel bought me for my birthday a few years back, The Bold and the Beautiful mug and it has a chip on the side but my tea tastes best in that mug.

So what is your favourite tea mug – is it a posh one or a chipped one, do you let it go all brown and skanky or do you clean your cup religiously?

And always remember how a cup of tea is offered is also important.  Nobody says ‘Want a cup of tea love?’ quite like a Northerner, that’s when it sounds best. Just listen to Rita or Mavis on Corrie and you will know what I mean – or even Our Maria from Whitwell, that is just a Northern thing and cannot be replicated but on the whole, a cup of tea equates to comfort, warmth, reassurance and often a good gossip with friends.

I would like to declare today National Cup of Tea Appreciation Day, so with that in mind, go and put the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa and appreciate it’s ability to solve problems, issues and wars.

God bless tea and all who drink it.

Samantha Rose (C) Copyright 2013

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