Mud bath for two!

Oh my days it is all happening!  I am having half of my garden dug up so I can have lawn put on it, it is about 65m2 so it is far from a small job and as I cannot afford to have a bobcat and my pavers professionally moved, it has been advertised to builders that if they can dig and remove, they get to keep them for free – a bit like ‘build it and they will come’ kind of thing except it is ‘dig it and you can have it’.

Now this has happened far quicker than I anticipated as the advert only went in yesterday and I got the call at around 7am this morning and the guy is coming at 7.30am tomorrow to come and dig them up.

I really should be rather excited as it means the work on the garden can begin but I am actually crapping myself and you may well ask why.

The reason why is because from tonight I am fostering another kelpie dog called Winston for about a month or just under, in fact he will be arriving with his kelpie suitcase at 5.15pm today, I say he has a kelpie suitcase I mean why wouldn’t he? You have your own suitcase don’t you so why shouldn’t he?  And those of you that know me will know that I will no doubt write stories about the two kelpies together, talking, smoking and drinking because all of the animals in my stories talk, smoke and drink and lead full and active lives.

Here is Rocky, now imagine another kelpie that looks identical to him except for being a bit more coffee table shape as middle age spread has set in with him.



So whilst I am looking forward to the arrival of another kelpie which will no doubt have fun with my Rocky dog herding up tennis balls and bones, I am also imagining a huge mud bath in the form of my large garden with the pavers removed from half of it and two kelpie dogs having a ‘Project X’ type party, filling the mud pit with water, inviting the local female dogs around in skimpy underwear and having a party.

I am also imagining getting home one night and finding the cops there as the party has escalated and involving all kinds of mud, dust, and drunken debauchery but then again, you know my imagination is more fertile than a fertility clinic overloaded with hormones.

Why oh why have I set myself up for this one I ask myself.  Is it at all possible that the two kelpie dogs won’t dig up the large expanse of dust and mud in my garden and they are sensible good dogs and avoid it?  Don’t be so daft Samantha, of course they will be good dogs, they will be clean dogs and they will be obedient dogs (sound convincing?)

And to think that the work in the garden won’t begin until the new year – Rocky will have dug his way to South Australia by then.

Right, I need a coffee and I shall pretend that it is not happening but keep an eye out for the talking animal blogs that will by my own admission, be prolific because having two dogs on my property – anything could happen and if anything happens then I have to write about it.

See you tomorrow with more updates as they happen.

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